About my Father

About my Father
   By Bhandari sir

Hello friends, welcome and good morning to all of you in our advance spoken english classes bhilai-3.

Thank you very much for  giving me this golden opportunity. 

Today I would like to tell about my father.

By the way guys my name is rahul and I am a student of advance spoken english classes bhilai-3. 

So without wasting any time let's start.

1. My father’s name is Arvind Thakur. 

2. He was born in a small village in chhattisgarh.

3. He has two brothers and a sister.

4. He is the eldest of the four siblings. 

5. The father plays a very important role in the family. 

6. He is the head of our family. 

7. My father is a businessman by profession. 

8. He runs a coaching institute. 

9. He is very passionate about his duty. 

10. He encourages us to follow our dreams. 

11. He always supports us.

12. He does his best to encourage us in the pursuit of our ambition.

13. My father is a very sweet and loving person. 

14. But he is also strict at times to keep us disciplined. 

15. He takes care of every small need of ours.

16. He always tries to help us by sharing his experiences.

17. He is my favourite person and the role model of my life. 

18. My father is very friendly by nature. 

19. I tell him all my day-to-day problems. 

20. He always takes care of me and supports me whenever I need him. 

21. He is a very simple man.

22. He lives a life of discipline, virtues and peace.  

23. Even in his hectic daily schedule, he finds time to spend with his family. 

24. We often play together and he teaches me how to play badminton. 

25. He likes to cook in his spare time. 

26. He prepares my favourite dishes like pasta, chicken curry, biryani, etc. 

27. He always helps my mother in the kitchen.
28. My father has taught me the ethics and etiquettes of life which will always help me in the future. 

29. He teaches us to be humble and help those who are in need. 

30. He also preaches (उपदेश) a healthy and balanced lifestyle and practices yoga himself. 

31. My father is my hero!

That's all about my father. Thank you very much for listening me.
Common Question And Answer about your father

1. What is your father's full name?
My father's full name is [Father's Name].

2.When and where was your father born?
My father was born on [Birthdate] in [Birthplace].

 3. How would you describe your father's personality? 
My father has a kind and caring personality. He is always there for me and supports me in everything I do. He's also very patient and understanding.

 4.What is your father's occupation?
My father works as a [Father's Occupation].

 5.Does your father have any hobbies or interests? 
Yes, my father has a few hobbies and interests. He enjoys [Father's Hobbies/Interests], which he finds relaxing and enjoyable.

 6.How tall is your father? 
My father is [Father's Height] tall.

 7. What color are your father's eyes? 
My father has [Father's Eye Color] eyes.

 8. Does your father have any siblings? 
Yes, my father has [Number of Siblings] siblings.

 9. What is your father's favorite food? 
My father's favorite food is [Father's Favorite Food]. He always gets excited when we have it for dinner!

 10. Does your father have any special talents or skills?
Yes, my father is very talented at [Father's Special Talent/Skill]. It's amazing to see him in action!

 11. How would you describe your father's parenting style?
My father has a loving and supportive parenting style. He encourages me to be independent, but also provides guidance and advice when needed. He's always there to listen and help me grow.

 12. What is your father's favorite sport? 
My father's favorite sport is [Father's Favorite Sport]. He loves watching and playing it whenever he gets the chance.

 13.Has your father traveled to any interesting places? 
Yes, my father has traveled to [Interesting Places]. He loves exploring new cultures and experiencing different parts of the world.

14. What is your father's favorite movie or book?
My father's favorite movie/book is [Father's Favorite Movie/Book]. He enjoys the story and finds it inspiring.

 15. Does your father have any pets?
Yes, we have a pet [Father's Pet]. My father loves spending time with our furry friend.

 16. What is the most important lesson your father has taught you? 
The most important lesson my father has taught me is [Father's Important Lesson]. It has helped me become a better person and make wise decisions.

 17. How does your father spend his free time?
In his free time, my father enjoys [Father's Free Time Activity]. It helps him relax and unwind from a busy day.

 18. Does your father have any favorite music or bands?
My father enjoys listening to [Father's Favorite Music/Bands]. It's great to see him tapping his feet to the rhythm.

 19. Does your father have a favorite holiday or celebration?
My father's favorite holiday is [Father's Favorite Holiday/Celebration]. He enjoys the festivities and spending time with family and friends.

 20. What do you love most about your father?
What I love most about my father is his unconditional love and support. He always puts our family first and makes sure we are happy and taken care of. I feel lucky to have him as my dad.

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Thank you! – Bhandari Sir

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