How to be a good anchor

How to be a good anchor

By Bhandari Sir (Advance Spoken English)

1. Script
The first an foremost thing which is important for anchoring is having a good script. You must have written the script beforehand which represents your whole event. Write the script step by step according to your show. You may find some good scripts by clicking here.

2. Dress Up properly
Is dressing up well important? Yes, it’s important. Because dressing sense defines you and dressing up well gives a positive impression it expresses you in front of the audience.

3. Begin Confidently
Make a good first impression, we will never make a second chance of making the first impression, the first impression makes your image in the minds of the audience, so always try to begin the event in an impressive way and catch the attention of your audience in the beginning.

4. Speak Clearly and Confidently
An anchor should try to speak clearly confidently and loudly rather than tending to give importance to the accent. Fluency is not important in anchoring. When you speak fluently, it means you don’t have a break meanwhile speaking. Speak at reasonable quite clearly with a strong voice to sound clear to the audience.

To practice this aspect you can record yourself on your laptop or phone, then listen to yourself back many times. After listening find your weaknesses and rectify them.

5. Make Eye Contact
You should make eye contact because you are speaking to the audience, not to the paper or wall. In addition, try not to read from the paper because minimizing the use of paper to do the anchoring helps you in maintaining eye contact with the audience too. 

If you forget the content, try to write the bullet points on a sticky note and proceed the event.

6. Smile
No one likes a person who doesn’t smile and we all look beautiful while smiling so why not smile, always smile towards your audience and your audience will like you. And smiling will add antidote to your nervousness and makes your tone impressive.

7. How To Twist The Situation And Reduce Your Nervousness
What to do when you forget your script? A good anchor knows how to mold unwanted situation. Sometimes if you go blank, take a deep breath and start from anything. In fact, the best way to control the situation entirely is to practice beforehand.

It’s impossible to memorize everything but practice makes everything ready and the more you practice the more confident you will become.

8. How To Entertain The Audience And Get Their Attention
A good anchor should have the quality to take everybody together and run the show. If you think that the audience is bored and not listening to you, you can say some funny jokes or any good quotation from famous people to get their attention.

In order to entertain the audience, always try to add 2 to 3 tableau or dance performance of students to the content.

9. Use Multimedia And Show Slides And Pictures
To make your event more interesting or nobody falls asleep, use or do anything to hold the audience interest. For instance, you can make slide or show pictures related to your subject and play it on a projector for the audience. If you just talk it is going to be boring and nobody is going to listen.

10. How To Conclude The Function
As a polish anchor or host, you want your audience to remember you being in control of yourself, the content and your time to the very end. You also want your audience to remember what you said and what you want them to do without any confusion or delay.

Make sure that you present your final slides with power, polish, professionalism, and with a positive tone to leave your audience feeling positive about you and your message.

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