50 most common useful interjection use in india

50 useful interjection sentences use in india
1. Arey! (expressing surprise or exclamation)
2. Wah! (expressing admiration or appreciation)
3. Yaar! (expressing frustration or disappointment)
4. Chalo! (encouragement to move or get going)
5. Dekho! (calling attention to something)
6. Haanji! (acknowledging agreement or understanding)
7. Acha! (expressing understanding or agreement)
8. Suno! (calling attention to something)
9. Arre baap re! (expressing amazement or disbelief)
10. Balle balle! (expressing joy or excitement)
11. Shabaash! (expressing praise or congratulations)
12. Jai ho! (expressing victory or celebration)
13. Abey! (expressing annoyance or anger)
14. Hai! (expressing shock or surprise)
15. Ae! (calling someone's attention)
16. Oye! (calling someone's attention)
17. Hey Bhagwan! (expressing disbelief or dismay)
18. Kya baat hai! (expressing admiration or appreciation)
19. Kyun? (asking "why?")
20. Lag gayi! (expressing frustration or disappointment)
21. Mera Bharat mahan! (expressing patriotism)
22. Aaram se! (asking someone to relax or take it easy)
23. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? (expressing disbelief or shock)
24. Are wah! (expressing surprise or admiration)
25. Bahut khoob! (expressing praise or admiration)
26. Chup! (telling someone to be quiet)
27. Dhanyavaad! (saying "thank you")
28. Ghanta! (expressing disbelief or rejection)
29. Hatt! (telling someone to move out of the way)
30. Jaldi karo! (encouraging someone to hurry up)
31. Kitna! (expressing surprise or disbelief)
32. Mazaa aa gaya! (expressing enjoyment or pleasure)
33. Nahi yaar! (expressing disagreement or disappointment)
34. Oho! (expressing surprise or amazement)
35. Pagal ho gaya hai kya? (asking if someone is crazy)
36. Pyaar se! (telling someone to speak softly or gently)
37. Shukriya! (saying "thank you")
38. Tch! (expressing disapproval or disappointment)
39. Uff! (expressing frustration or annoyance)
40. Waah waah! (expressing admiration or praise)
41. Yaarana! (expressing camaraderie or friendship)
42. Zindagi na milegi dobara! (expressing a desire to live life to the fullest)
43. Aaj toh party honi chahiye! (suggesting to have a party)
44. Bolo na! (asking someone to speak up)
45. Chal na! (encouraging someone to come along)
46. Dil garden garden ho gaya! (expressing extreme happiness)
47. Haan haan! (expressing agreement or encouragement)
48. Itni shakti hamein dena daata! (praying for strength)
49. Jhakaas! (expressing approval or admiration)
50. Kaisa hai tu? (asking someone how they are doing)

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