How to ask Questions about anything

How to ask Questions about anything 

By Bhandari Sir (Advance Spoken English)

Q 1. Do you have mobile?
Ans.  Yes, I have a mobile.

Q 2. What is this ?
Ans. This is a mobile.

Q3. Whose mobile is this?
Ans. It is my mobile.

Q4. Whose favorite mobile is this?
Ans. It is my favorite mobile.

Q5. Is this a new mobile?
Ans. Yes, It is new mobile.

Q6. What is it made from?
Ans. It is made of plastic, glass and  lots of electronic devices etc.

Q7. From where is this made?
Ans.  It is made in India. 

Q8. Who gifted it to you?
Ans.  It is a birthday gift from my father.

Q9. What is the name of this mobile?
Ans. It's name is samsung galaxy A13.

Q10. What is its company?
Ans.  It's company is samsung.

11. What is its colour?
Ans. It's color is black.

Q12. What is its cost?
Ans.  It's price is 16000 Rs/- Only.

Q13. What is its display size?
Ans.  It's display is 6.6 inches.

14. What's in this mobile? /
Does this mobile have a calculator?
Ans. Yes, It has a calculator.

Q15. Does this mobile have a calendar?
Ans. Yes, It has a calendar.

Q16. Does this mobile have a dictionary?
Ans. Yes, It has a dictionary.

Q17. Does this mobile have audio recorder?
Ans.  Yes, It has a audio recorder.

Q18. Does this mobile have digital clock?
Ans. Yes, It has a digital watch.

Q19. Does it have a torch?
Ans.  Yes, It has a torch.

Q20. Does it have a radio?
Ans. Yes, It has a radio. 

Q21. Does it have front camera?
Ans.  Yes, It has a front camera.

Q22. Does it have back camera?
Ans.  Yes, It has a back camara.

Q23. Does it have a cover?
Ans. Yes,  It has a cover.

Q24. Does it have a charging socket?
Ans.  Yes, It has a charging socket.

Q25. Does it have a speaker?
Ans.  Yes, It has a wonderful speaker.

Q26. Does it have a headphone socket?
Ans.  Yes, It has a headphone socket.

Q27. Does it have volume buttons?
Ans.  Yes, It has a volume button.

Q28. Does it have a power button?
Ans. Yes,  It has a power button.

Q29. Does it have finger lock?
Ans.  Yes, It has finger Lock facility.

Q30. Does it have a touch screen display?
Ans.  Yes, it has a wonderful touch screen display.

Q31. Does it have a touch screen guard?
Ans. Yes,  It has a fantastic screen guard.

Q32. How many GB of RAM does it have?
Ans. It has 6GB RAM.

Q33. How many GB of ROM does it have?
Ans.  It has 128 GB ROM.

Q34. Does it have an Android app?
Ans.  Yes, It has many intresting App.

Q35. From where did you buy it?
Ans.  I bought it from the mobile shop.

Q36. Where do you keep it ?
Ans.  I keep it in my pocket.

Q37. do you keep it clean ?
Ans.  Yes, I keep it clean and gleaming daily.

Q38. Does it run fast?
Ans. Yes,  It runs very fast.

Q39. Can you call and send messages in it?
Ans. Yes, I can call and send text messages.

Q40. What are the features in this mobile?
Ans.  Mobile phones have many features like a camera, games, internet, and social media apps.

Q41. Should mobile be used while driving or crossing rods?
Ans. Mobile phones should not be used while driving or crossing the road as it can be dangerous.

Q42. Do you like this mobile?
Ans. Yes,  I love my mobile very much.

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Thank you! –  D. K. Bhandari Sir

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