How to talk to strangers in English? Normal Questions and Answers

24 NORMAL Questions and  Answers in your daily life 

Q1. What is your name?  
Ans:- my name is jacky.

Q2. How are you?
Ans:- I am fine. OR, I feel happy,shy, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, tired, giddy, feverish. OR,   I don’t feel like eating anything,
 talking to anybody, going out, watching TV,

Q3. Where are you from? Or Where do you live?
Ans:- I am from Bhilai. Or I live in bhilai.

Q4. What  is your Date of birth? Or When is your birthday.
Ans:- My Date of birth is  28 march 1988.

Q5. What is your hobby? 
Ans:- my hobby is Dancing.

Q6. Which colour do you like? 
Ans:- Black and Red.

Q7. Which game do you like?   
Ans:- Cricket 

Q8. What is your educational Qualification?
Ans:- I have done my MBA in HR department  from bilaspur university.

Q9. What do you do?
Ans:- I am a student. Or I am looking for a job. 

Q10. What is your Aim in life?
Ans:- I want to become a Doctor.Or  Teacher, cricketer,singer,dancer, engineer,lowyer,collector.

Q11. Where did you do your schooling?
Ans:- I did my schooling  in Bhopal.

Q12. Where did you do your college  studies?
Ans:- I did my college studies in delhi.

Q13. What is your subject ?
ANS:- science.

Q14. Could you tell me something about your family?
Ans:- Ours is a large joint family. There are six  member in our family. My father, My mother, My two sisters and  a brother besides myself (esjs vykok).

Q15. What is your father?
Ans:- my father is a Teacher.

Q16. What type of a person are you?
Ans:- I am a simple man, rather shy, optimist, strict, honest, adamant.innocent,hard working, cheerful.

Q17. Which is your home town?
Ans:- my home town is bhilai.

Q18. How far is Home town from here?
Ans:- it is about 100 kilometers.

Q19. How many hours drive?
Ans:- it’s about 3 hours journey by road.

Q20. How is the weather there like?
Ans:- Generally Quite hot.

Q21. What is the major occupation of the people?
Ans:- The major occupation of the people is agriculture.

Q22. What language is spoken there.
Ans:- Hindi and CG are spoken there.

Q23. Are you Married or unmarried? 
Ans:- unmarried.

Q24. Can you communicate in English fluently?
Ans:- Ofcourse I can.

दोस्तों मुझे पूरा उम्मीद है कि आपको यह आर्टिकल बहुत पसंद आया है और आपको काफी कुछ नया सीखने को मिला है।  अगर आपको ये आर्टिकल पसन्द आया हो, तो इसे अपने दोस्तों के साथ WhatsApp, Facebook आदि पर शेयर जरूर करिएगा। 
Thank you! –  D. K. Bhandari Sir

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