20 most common dialogue between two friends

20 most common dialogue between two friends

Friend 1: "Hey, how's it going?"
Friend 2: "Not bad, you?"

Friend 1: "Did you catch that movie last night?"
Friend 2: "Yeah, it was awesome! You should see it."

Friend 1: "What are your plans for the weekend?"
Friend 2: "I don't have anything specific in mind. Maybe we can hang out?"

Friend 1: "I had the craziest dream last night..."
Friend 2: "Tell me about it! I love hearing about weird dreams."

Friend 1: "I'm so stressed with work/school lately."
Friend 2: "I hear you. Anything I can do to help?"

Friend 1: "Have you heard the latest gossip?"
Friend 2: "Oh, spill the tea! What's going on?"

Friend 1: "I tried a new restaurant last night, and the food was amazing!"
Friend 2: "Oh, I'm jealous! Where is it? Let's go together sometime."

Friend 1: "Guess what? I got accepted into university/landed the job!"
Friend 2: "Wow, that's fantastic news! Congratulations!"

Friend 1: "I'm feeling really down today."
Friend 2: "I'm here for you. Want to talk about it?"

Friend 1: "Remember that time we went on that crazy adventure?"
Friend 2: "Haha, how could I forget? We should do something like that again."

Friend 1: "Do you have any book/movie/TV show recommendations?"
Friend 2: "Sure! Let me give you a list of my favorites."

Friend 1: "I'm thinking of starting a new hobby. Any suggestions?"
Friend 2: "How about painting/cooking/playing an instrument?"

Friend 1: "I'm trying to get in shape. Wanna be workout buddies?"
Friend 2: "Absolutely! Let's motivate each other."

Friend 1: "You won't believe what happened at work/school today!"
Friend 2: "Tell me everything. I'm all ears."

Friend 1: "I can't believe how fast time is flying by!"
Friend 2: "I know, right? It feels like just yesterday we were in school."

Friend 1: "I'm so excited about my upcoming trip!"
Friend 2: "Where are you going? I wish I could join you."

Friend 1: "Do you want to join me for lunch/dinner tomorrow?"
Friend 2: "Sure, that sounds great. Let's meet up!"

Friend 1: "Have you seen this hilarious meme/video?"
Friend 2: "No, but I'm always up for a good laugh. Send it over!"

Friend 1: "I need advice on something. Can you help me out?"
Friend 2: "Of course! I'm here to support you."

Friend 1: "You know, I'm really glad to have you as a friend."
Friend 2: "Aw, thank you! The feeling is mutual."

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