Question Formation Using Does / Do/ Did

Question Formation Using Does / Do/ Did 

For negative of do/does/did:

Structure: Subject + don't/doesn't + main verb + extension. 

Example :

1. She doesn't work here anymore. 

2. She doesn't have any money. 

3. You don't. We don't. 

4. They don't have books. 

5. They don't like cheese. 

6. She/he doesn't. They don't. 

7. I do not want to see him again. 

8. I don't study at night. 

9. The fish don't look fresh. 

10. The boy does not look cheerful. 

11. I don't think I should doubt you. 

12. I don't know what to say. 

13. Don't try and fool me. 

14. Don`t allow this to happen. 

15. Don't cause any more trouble. 

16. Don`t behave that way. 

17. Don't argue with me. 

18. I don't want to listen to that song. 

19. I don't have time to explain. 

20. I don`t have time to eat. 

21. I don't have time to talk. 

22. I don't understand what you are saying. 

23. I don't like scary movies. 

24. I don't feel like leaving yet. 

25. I don't have anything to do. 

26. I do not like playing tennis. 

27. I don't agree with you. 

28. I don't quite see what you mean. 

29. I don't have much/enough time. 

30. I don't know if he is coming. 

31. I don't like at all. 

32. Don't worry about it. 

33. I don't have one. 

34. I don't think it does. 

35. I don't have that much today. 

36. I don't have that right now. 

37. Don't act like me ! 

38. Don't do as I do !

39. Don't look at me like that !

40. I don't see it that way. 

41. Don't just stand there. Do something.

42. I don't believe not knowing. 

43. I don't know what to do to make you happy. 

44. I don't know what to do to help you understand. 

45. I don't know where John is. 

46. We eat pizza, but we don't drink Pepsi. 

47. Dogs love bones, but they don't love cheese. 

48. I don't eat a lot and my wife doesn't either. 

49. I don't think I should complain so much. 

50. I don't know if it will be sunny and warm then. 

51. Don't watch scary movies before you go to bed. 

52. I don't feel like going to bed. 

53. I don't feel comfortable talking about it. 

54. I don't feel like we are going in the right direction. 

55. Dear, you do not look well. Is something wrong? 

56. I don't think you guys have it. 

57. I don't know what to do to prevent this. 

N. B. : For giving order the structure will be – (Don't + be + adjective). 


1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

2. Don't be a mumble. 

3. Don't be egoist. 

4. Don't be dogmatic. 

5. Don't be insincere. 

6. Don't be argumentative. 

Use of didn't :

Structure : Subject + didn’t + main verb + extension.

Examples :

1. She didn't tell me about the matter. 

2. I didn’t eat your leftover pizza! 

3. Last week we didn't write a test. 

4. He didn't play cards. 

5. You didn't buy the new car, did you? 

6. They did not (didn’t) work hard. 

7. I didn't even bother to think of that. 

8. I didn't have time to return them. 

9. I didn't see it. 

10. She didn't go there last night. 

11. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. 

12. I didn't mean to call you so late.

13. I didn`t mean to stay out so late. 

14. I didn't mean to say those things. 

15. I didn`t mean to leave you out. 

16. I didn't mean to cause trouble. 

17. Sorry, I didn't get your point. 

18. I didn't mean to lie about what happened. 

19. I didn't mean to embarrass you. 

20. They didn't have any advice to offer. 

21. Sorry, I didn't quite hear what you said. 

22. My wife didn't like spinach; neither did I. 

For interrogative of do/does :

Structure: Do/does + subject + main verb + extension + ?

Examples :

1. Do you live here? 

2. Do you go there? 

3. Do they come everyday? 

4. Do you do the work regularly? 

5. Does he/she drive to work? 

6. Does Peter live with his father? 

7. Do you play the drums? 

8. Do you clean the bathroom? 

9. Do you write with a pencil? 

10. Do you become distracted easily? 

11. Does she have a mobile phone? 

12. Do you have any plans tonight? 

13. Do you know if it's going to rain tomorrow? 

14. Does it rain much in Dhaka? 

15. Do you come to this restaurant often? 

16. Do you want me to remind you? 

17. Do you want me to remove my shoes? 

18. Do you mind if I excuse myself? 

19. Do you mind if I ask your mom? 

20. Do you like watching drama on TV?

21. Do you like going to bed early? 

22. Do you like spending time with me?

23. Do you like playing video games? 

24. Do you like listening to music? 

25. Do you like arguing with me? 

26. Do you think it's effective? 

27. Do you have a special hobby? 

28. Do you enjoy your work? 

29. Do you like to travel? 

30. Do you do any shopping on the Internet? 

31. Do you enjoy watching movies? 

32. Do you use internet very often? 

33. Do you want to be like him/her? 

34. Do you like him/her or not? 

35. Do you watch television a lot? 

36. Do you have any free time during the week? 

37. Do you know if this is the right house? 

38. Do you want to drink water? 

39. Do you know what her name is? 

40. Do you come here for a walk often? 

41. Do you offer free breakfast? 

42. Does it come with a guarantee? 

43. Do you sell birthday cakes? 

44. Do you take tablets? 

45. Do you want to come? 

46. Does Rio a good city for shopping?

47. Does your mother work? 

48. Do you do any sport? 

49. Does he works at night? 

50. Do you get up at ten? 

51. Do as you're told? 

52. Do you think this is all right? 

53. Does it close at that time every day? 

54. Does it always close at six? 

55. Do you need help with something? 

56. Do you know how much this dress is? 

57. Do you send and receive email regularly? 

58. Do you have everything planned out already? 

59. Do you really mean it? 

60. Do you get along well with your family? 

61. Does the weather affect your mood? 

62. Do you use the Internet much during the day? 

63. Do you prefer going out or staying at home? 

64. Do you like to eat at a restaurant or at home? 

65. Do you enjoy cooking? 

66. Do you think adults should play games? 

67. Do you think colors affect our moods? 

68. Do you know when the next train leaves? 

69. Do you expect me to believe everything you said? 

70. Do you know anywhere else I could try? 

71. Does your mother like sleeping late? 

72. Does it make any difference if I do or not? 

73. Do anything exciting/special over the holidays? 

74. Do you live around here or are you visiting? 

75. Do either of you know where the TV remote is? 

76. Do you think people should be allowed to get divorced? 

Use of ‘did’ :

Structure: Did + subject + main verb + extension + ? 

Examples :

1. Did the cup of tea feel very hot? 

2. Did the floor feel dusty? 

3. Did she really love you? 

4. Did you sleep with wet hair again? 

5. Did you enjoy your stay with us? 

6. Did you find everything you needed? 

7. Did you find what you were looking for? 

8. Did you find everything okay? 

9. Did she say anything? 

10. Did you eat? 

11. Did you need something? 

12. Did you cook dinner last night? 

13. Did you go by car or by bus? 

14. Did you watch the football match? 

15. Did Helen say she was sorry? 

16. Did you awake late last night? 

17. Did they wake up early? (very late) 

18. Did she teach mathematics? 

19. Did he speak slowly? (very fast) 

20. Did they leave before lunch? 

21. Did you feel happy? 

22. Did you see the ghost? (nothing) 

23. Did they wear top hats? 

24. Did they steal the money? 

25. Did you buy the blue ball or the red ball? 

26. Did you enjoy the movie? 

27. Did you take a book with you? 

28. Did you have a shower this morning? 

29. Did your grandmother know Truman? 

30. Did you come to school yesterday? 

31. Did you read books when you were a child? 

32. Did he drive carefully? (recklessly) 

33. Did you have a good time on your honeymoon? 

34. Did they leave without saying good-bye last night? 

35. Did they hide it in the garden? 

36. Did they like the fish you prepared for them? 

37. Did they invite you to dinner last Sunday?

38. Did you have enough time to do everything you wanted? 

For negative interrogative of don’t/doesn’t :

Structure : Don’t/doesn’t + subject + main verb + extension + ?

Examples :

1. Don't you think so? 

2. Don't you agree? 

3. Don't the vegetables look fresh? 

4. Doesn't the man look anxious? 

5. Don't you believe in Allah? 

6. Doesn't he tell a lie? 

7. Doesn’t the teacher teach well? 

8. Don't parents love us? 

9. Doesn't she believe you? 

10. Don't you live here? 

11. Doesn't she have a mobile phone? 

12. Don't you think it's effective? 

13. Don't you enjoy your work? 

14. Don't rice grow well in Bangladesh? 

15. Don't you do any shopping on the Internet? 

16. Don't you want me to remind you? 

17. Don't you see my father is marrying me off? 

Use of ‘didn't’ : 

Structure: Subject + didn't + main verb + extension.

Examples :

1. Didn't I do it?

2. Didn't she love me? 

3. Didn't he come to you? 

4. Didn't you come yesterday? 

5. Didn't you eat the mango? 

6. Didn't you tell me that? 

7. Did you not take him to the doctor? 

8. You didn't do your homework, did you? 

9. Didn't you say that I should keep an eye on her? 

10. Didn't you watch all the programmes? 

Use of ‘do/does/did’ with ‘Wh questions’ :

Examples :

1. When do you go there? 

2. How do you do it? 

3. Whom do you like? 

4. What does Sandra sell? 

5. Why don't you call him? 

6. What do you have for lunch, Lisa? 

7. What do the children wear at your school? 

8. Why did you not call me yesterday? 

9. Where do Sam and Ben hide their CDs? 

10. Where do your grandparents live?

11. Where do the Masons buy their fruit from? 

Use of ‘do/does/did’ as main verb :

Example :

1. You do the laundry.

2. They do yoga. 

3. I did that. 

4. He really does! 

5. He does a good job. 

6. I do my homework. 

7. We do the washing up. 

8. Do a lesson at least once a day. 

9. I do miss it sometimes. 

10. My mother has done the shopping. 

11. He/she does the cleaning. 

12. Have you ever done anything silly? 

13. My wife hates spinach and so does my son. 

14. Larry excelled in language studies; so did his brother.

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