Question Formation Using "is,am,are,was,were

Use of ‘am/is/are’ during tense :

In present continuous tense :

Structure : Subject + am/is/are + verb with ing + object/extension. 

Examples :

1. I am leaving. I am going. 

2. He/she is leaving. He/she is going. 

3. You are leaving. You are going. 

4. It is raining. 

5. You are lying. 

6. She is becoming good slowly. 

7. We are taking him to hospital. 

8. I am willing to do that even. 

9. She is baking a cake today. 

10. Rani is reading a story book. 

11. Mother is cooking beef. 

12. The bird is flying in the sky. 

13. The dog is barking. 

14. Rani and akash are watching TV. 

15. She is waiting for you. 

16. It is going to be delicious. 

17. It is going to be easy. 

18. I am brushing my teeth. 

19. I am typing an email. 

20. I am cooking dinner. 

21. I am combing my hair. 

22. I am hanging a picture. 

23. I am having a lot of fun. 

24. I am having a great time. 

25. I am looking for you anyway. 

For negative :

Structure: Subject + am/is/are + not + verb with ing + extension. 

Examples :

1. It isn't raining now. 

2. I am not going anywhere. 

3. They aren't gossiping now. 

4. Akash isn't writing properly. 

5. We aren't waiting for you. 

6. She is not listening to you. 

7. Rani isn't sewing clothes. 

8. They aren’t coming to the party. 

9. You're not working fast enough. 

For interrogative :

Structure: Am/is/are + subject + verb with ing + extension + ? 

Examples :

1. Is she sleeping now? 

2. Are they lying? 

3. Are you into traveling? 

4. Is she trying to remain calm? 

5. Are the students making noise? 

6. Are the bees humming? 

7. Are you into playing games? 

8. Are you having fun? 

9. Are just you two traveling today? 

10. Are you going to accept the job offer? 

11. Are you having a good time? 

12. Are you trying to ignore me? 

13. Are you trying to memorize that song? 

14. Are you into trying new things? 

15. Am I telling you my problems? 

16. Is she washing her hands and feet? 

17. Is anybody else traveling with you? 

18. Are you trying to manage your money? 

For negative interrogative :

Structure: Am/is/are + not + subject + verb with ing + extension + ? 

Examples :

1. Isn't mother making coffee? 

2. Aren't you watching TV?

3. Am I not talking with you? 

4. Isn't he phoning you? 

5. Aren't they coming to the party? 

6. Isn't she studying English? 

7. Aren’t you feeling good? 

8. Isn't she annoying you? 

9. Aren't they going with you? 

10. Aren’t Dipa and Rafi playing Ludu? 

For ‘Wh question’ :

Example :

1. What is so important? 

2. What is your intention? 

3. How is he now? 

4. How is your work going? 

5. Why are you fighting? 

6. Where is the safe key? 

7. Who is knocking at the door? 

8. With whom are you arguing? 

9. Which hotel is she staying at? 

10. When are you coming back? 

11. Whose cell phone keeps ringing? 

12. Why aren’t any of you drinking champagne? 

13. What is there to laugh about? 

14. What are all of you doing here? 

15. What rubbish are they talking about? 

‘Am/is/are’ as main verb :

Example :

1. I am. 

2. We are. 

3. He/she is. 

4. It is. 

5. You are. 

6. They are. 

7. I am 26. 

8. It is me Shruti. 

9. He is miserable with pain. 

10. He is well. 

11. The girl is beautiful. 

12. His father is kind. 

13. The man is timid. 

14. They are players. 

15. His father is a busy man. 

16. The rose is a nice flower. 

17. Dipa is calm and cheerful. 

18. I am a writer. 

19. My mother is in the kitchen. 

20. They are in the car. 

21. Here's your book. 

22. Life is so boring. 

23. I am of the same opinion. 

24. This is a great place. 

25. They are over there. 

26. I am a little angry with her. 

27. You are the son of a sinner. 

28. Emma and Bethy are good friends. 

29. His sister is seven years old. 

30. Your son is very strong. 

31. I am not your friend. 

32. The mangoes aren’t sour. 

33. The oranges aren't sweet. 

34. He/She isn't. 

35. It isn't. 

36. I am not. 

37. We're not. 

38. They're not. 

39. You aren’t. 

40. There is no air in this tire. 

41. She isn't confident. 

42. I'm not quite sure. 

43. He is not only your son. 

44. It isn’t so good. 

45. I am not from Germany. 

46. The pupils are not at school today. 

47. Is this your pen? 

48. Is it yours? 

49. Am I in the right place? 

50. Is it okay if I sit here? 

51. Are we nearly there? 

52. Are you alright? 

53. Are you from Scotland? 

54. Are you from near here? 

55. Are you on vacation? 

56. Is she good looking? 

57. Is that right to ask? 

58. Is everything ok? 

59. Are you for or against it? 

60. Am I late? 

61. Is it all right? 

62. Is that all you need? 

63. Is that everything? 

64. Is it on the shelf? 

65. Is the toilet paper ready? 

66. Are you sure about this? 

67. Is your name important to you? 

68. Isn't today Friday? 

69. Am I not? 

70. Isn't the chair red? 

71. Aren’t the pious happy? 

72. Aren't the mangoes sour? 

73. Isn't the sky cloudy? 

74. Isn't she fare looking? 

75. Isn't there any smell? 

76. Aren’t you happy with her? 

77. Isn't your name Akash? 

78. Aren't they the best players on the team? 

79. They are excited. 

80. I am really worried. 

81. He is gone. You are gone. 

82. The cake is made. 

83. They are satisfied.

84. I am prepared. 

85. It is done. 

86. You are disappointed. 

87. The poor are oppressed. 

88. You are all drenched. 

89. She is concerned about me. 

90. The film is produced in Hollywood. 

91. I am not scared. 

92. She isn't satisfied. 

93. I am not married. 

94. They aren’t excited. 

95. The girl isn`t concerned about me.

96. Are you feel tired? 

97. Are charges included? 

98. Is he aroused again? 

99. Are any lights broken? 

100. Is she already retired? 

101. Are you determined to do that? 

102. Are you impressed? 

103. Aren't you tired? 

104. Is it done? 

105. Aren't they prepared? 

106. Am I not invited to the ceremony? 

107. Aren't you ashamed to call yourself a human being? 

Use of ‘was/were’ in tense :

In past continuous tense :

Structure : Subject + was/were + verb with ing + objects extension.


1. You were looking great. 

2. I was shaking with fear. 

3. It was running. 

4. Rani was making coffee. 

5. Mother was cooking. 

6. They was having bath. 

7. I was driving too fast. 

8. I was doing my homework. 

9. I was preparing myself. 

For negative :

Structure: Subject + was/were + not + verb with ing + extension.

Example :

1. She wasn't going.

2. The wind wasn't blowing.

3. He wasn't smoking. 

4. He wasn't waiting for me. 

5. I wasn't speaking with her. 

6. They weren’t sleeping then. 

7. She wasn't writing properly. 

For interrogative :

Structure: Was/were + subject + verb with ing + extension + ?

Example :

1. Were you sleeping? 

2. Was it raining? 

3. Were they making noise? 

4. Were you reading then? 

5. Was he smoking? 

6. Was she preparing herself? 

7. Were you talking with him? 

8. Was he quarreling with you about this? 

For negative interrogative :

Structure: Was/were + not + subject + verb with ing + extension + ?

Example :

1. Weren’t we going? 

2. Wasn`t she doing this? 

3. Weren't you reading then? 

4. Weren’t they learning English? 

5. Wasn't your mother cooking curry? 

6. Wasn't she teasing you? 

7. Wasn't the servant sweeping the room? 

For ‘Wh question’ :


1. What was he saying? 

2. Where were you? 

3. Whose phone call was that? 

4. How much was it cost? 

5. Why weren't you going there? 

6. Who was responsible for this? 

7. With whom were you going there? 

8. Which one were you wanting? 

9. When were you writing the story? 

10. What the hell were you doing? 

11. Why was that oldie looking at me like this? 

‘Was/were’ as main verb :

Example :

1. I was. We were. 

2. He/she was. It was. 

3. You were. They were. 

4. Rani was. My mother was. 

5. You were there. 

6. They were rude. 

7. I was in Dhaka last spring. 

8. Rani was at home yesterday. 

9. She was my lucky charm. 

10. I was in the museum. 

11. It was a little boring. 

12. I was right here. 

13. The girl was lucky. 

14. We were at school last Saturday.

15. You were very busy on Friday. 

16. She was in South Africa last month. 

17. They were in front of the Supermarket. 

18. They weren’t ill. 

19. The children weren't quiet. 

20. The water wasn't cold. 

21. He wasn't happy with her. 

22. They weren’t here. 

23. She wasn't kind. 

24. The boy wasn't brave. 

25. There wasn't a good film on TV yesterday. 

26. Mahi and Alvi weren’t at school this morning.

27. Was your test difficult? 

28. Were your parents angry? 

29. Was everything satisfactory? 

30. Were they here? 

31. Were you happy with him? 

32. Was her ex-boyfriend a basketball player? 

33. Were your teachers helpful to you? 

34. Wasn't it fun? 

35. Wasn't I here? 

36. Wasn't she happy? 

37. Weren’t they safe? 

38. Wasn't he wrong? 

39. Weren't you there? 

40. Wasn't the boy poor? 

41. I was very disappointed. 

42. The chicken was eaten for dinner. 

43. They were well educated. 

44. You were so depressed. 

45. The cake was made. 

46. The house was cleaned. 

47. I was shocked to hear the news. 

48. I was absolutely terrified. 

49. I was completely taken aback by his behavior. 

50. He wasn't so scared. 

51. I wasn't taken. 

52. I wasn't exhausted. 

53. It wasn't brought. 

54. You weren’t tired. 

55. The room wasn't well furnished. 

56. It wasn't as fun as I thought. 

57. Were the lights broken? 

58. Was it bought? 

59. Was the room furnished? 

60. Were the cakes handmade? 

61. Were they well educated? 

62. Was she terribly frightened? 

63. Wasn't he terrified? 

64. Wasn't the light broken? 

65. Wasn't it taken? 

66. Weren’t they gone? 

67. Weren’t we determined? 

68. Wasn't she stunned by the news?

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